Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday's Child

Welcome back, foot fans!

Well I decided you all deserved another update after I shamelessly plugged my socks and underwear earlier in the week. Thank you for bearing with me with that!

So today there has been an amazing quality of light: although it's cold the daylight has been so clear and so lovely that I decided to take some shots with one of my strings of pearls. It's made it clear that I need a new digital camera though, so if anyone has any suggestions please email me! (

I can't express how much I LOVE the effect of the creamy pearls against my skin, and I adore the feeling of them lying cold across my ankles and between my toes - and even against my soles.

The pearls emphasise the shape of the ball of my foot here and they catch the light and seem to have that wonderful inner glow. Gorgeous!

Although I'm not sure about the angle of my leg here (I swear I have real ankles, everyone, not tree-trunks like they seem to be here!) I like the way the pearls sit in a little pool next to my feet. If I trap them between my soles and rub them together it feels wonderful - just like a massage. 

This is just my ultimate favourite picture though! Although it's a little blurry (see what I mean about needing a new camera) I can't get enough of the shape of the pearls arching over the tops of my feet and the strand between my toes making them look really long and elegant.

What do you think, foot fans?

Signing off for the Easter weekend now - I've got a big shopping trip planned with my Mum and niece on Saturday and Sunday is my Shamelessly Eating Chocolate day but I will be back as usual early next week.

Happy Holidays!


Kitten xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

At Cross Purposes

Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

That's got to be my favourite term for the middle of the week, ever!

I have to admit a little bit of cross purpose posting today: I am going through my underwear and sock drawers to have a bit of a clear out (things are getting rather...crowded in there!) and thought maybe some of you would like the chance to own some of my socks, tights (pantyhose for you Americans), stockings and hold ups, as well as some panties worn just for you. 

I've got a special love for cute panties and cute socks and I just can't keep them all forever - I haven't got that much space! I hate the thought of just throwing them away though - it makes me sad. 

I have set up an online album, Miss Kitten's Panties, which I am currently populating with images for you. I am happy to take requests for special things to be done in items - just drop me an email to and I will see what I can do =)

I am currently offering:

Panties: $12.00/£8.00
SPECIAL OFFER: Two pairs of panties: $20.00/£14.00
Socks: $10.00/£6.00
Tights/pantyhose: $12.00/£8.00
Stockings or hold-ups: $10.00/£6.00

Postage and packaging will be a flat rate of £3.00 for UK customers (which covers Royal Mail small packages, plus the packaging to make sure your items get to you in tip-top condition). International customers: your shipping will vary depending on your location but I will endeavour to keep it as low as possible. Expedited shipping is available too, just drop me an email.

I may also have other items for sale at various times - I also love nightwear!

All items will be dispatched in nice strong ziplock baggies to keep them fresh for you, and all prices are negotiable!

Thanks a lot for reading, darlings!


Kitten xxx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat


I'm excited because I have had three days off in a row: luxury! I might have nearly burned Kitten Towers to the ground yesterday morning (an accident I swear! Must get home and contents insurance...) but I have enjoyed being able to relax and potter about. I've made inroads into sorting out the last few things from our move into this house - only taken a year - but it's been good. 

Yesterday was such a bad day that I gave in and gave myself a pedicure to make me feel a bit better. I filled a big metal bowl with warm water and massaged my feet with some wonderful jojoba massage oil and then soaked it off/in in the water - my feet felt so smooth and soft afterwards! Then I took my nail polish off, clipped my nails, filed them, buffed them smooth and then repainted them with lilac varnish, one of my favourites. I have a bottle of crackle topcoat which I'd never used before and decided to have a play, and I rather like how it's come out. 

Pretty, isn't it? I might have to play more with these new effect topcoats and move on a little from my normal glitter. 

After all that comes moisturiser, of course, and I have started using Crabtree & Evelyn's Foot Remedy. I quite fancy giving Neal's Yard Pumice Foot Scrub a try too: I think the two products will leave my feet feeling amazing! After my nightly bath I applied loads more moisturiser and the CUTEST little socks! 

LOOOOOK! They're so freaking adorable. I also have similar pairs in pink and white! I love you, Primark, with your £1.50 amazingly adorable little cotton socks and lacy socks. They make my inner little girl squee with delight. 

As we still had lots of snow on the ground I decided to take a bit of a walk in the garden in it and take you all lots of photos.

The first step was nerve-wracking... was a bit deeper than I thought!

My poor little toes were freezing, but I love how my skin looks in the snow. I love being pale and interesting!

And look...I made a heart! 

After all that it was time to go back inside and have a hot chocolate in the warm and put some extra-cozy socks on. Lush!

Now it's time for me to dash off and do some more housework (BOO) and wash the kitchen floor like Cinderella - it's a hard life!

Look out for another update later this week: it's payday soon and there are new shoes, socks and nail polishes out there with my name on them!


Kitten xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Oh no! Snow!

BRRR! It's cold in here!

It's true what they say in Game of Thrones, apparently: winter is coming. Or, more specifically, it's here. Again. I am heartily sick of being cold now and of being snowed into my house! I feel like I should be doing housework all the time and that is just not on AT ALL. Just look at the state of my garden!

What's that all about, huh? You can't even see my poor daffodils! However it has given me the chance to do some snowy photos - if I can work up the courage to let my poor bare feet touch the white stuff. In the meantime I finally got around to photographing a pair of just gorgeous purple t-bar stilettos I bought a couple of months ago. 

Aren't they lush? I love this photo because you can actually see the arch of my foot lifting away from the shoe and the white lace ankle socks are just so adorable and look awesome with the shape of the shoe.

See what I mean? Legs that go on forever are always good and so is messing with the line between sexy and innocent!

Anyway darlings I am afraid this is a bit of a brief one as I am feeling a bit under the weather but I promise you snowy feet galore tomorrow!


Kitten xxx

Friday, 8 March 2013

Day Of Decadence

Hello everyone!

Woo! It's my day off! I sound excited because I only have one day off this week and I am making the most of it by...sleeping mostly. And spending time in my kitchen preparing a delicious curry for myself and Mr Kitten for tea. I am a big fan of curry but haven't had one since starting Slimming World and so this is a culinary challenge for me. 

Bring it on!

So I've been mostly wearing boots this last week because it's been just so depressingly cold and horrible here!

These are my most favourite boots! They were a present over winter and have served me so, so well! They're getting a little bit battered now but they are just wonderfully comfortable. 

And they look amazing with over the knee socks! (Please ignore the massive massive mess in my bedroom hahaha). 

I did get to spoil myself a little bit this week and have got a new nail varnish which I am going to try out tonight. It's aqua glitter, from Barry M (who make the best nail varnishes in my opinion!). 

Mmmm, shiny! Sadly it's so hard to take good pictures of sparkly colours, but trust me, it's gorgeous. I decided to use a basecoat this time (as the red glitter I had last week took nearly an hour - AN HOUR! - to remove), and it's come out rather gorgeously. Look...

Perfect mermaid nails! I like this shot because you can see the little beads of water clinging on to my skin and they just catch the light. I was in the bath at the time and I couldn't resist taking some more watery shots for you all. I think I am turning into some kind of water-kitten...

My legs look like they go on FOREVER in this one! Shame about the cellulite but such is life. You can see my vast amount of cosmetic-type products here and I am ashamed to admit I love trying out new things. Especially new foot things - of course! I soaked in the bath for ages and scrubbed my soles really hard to take all the hard skin away and relaxed until my toes went pruny...and then got a bit arty with my camera...

...and tried to take fancy pictures through the water, but only came out with this one! Oh well, never mind. 

Well I have a super-busy weekend of work so I will have lots of pairs of worn socks and tights to wash soon. Hopefully I will have a nice warm day - or, honestly, just a dry day - and will be able to take pictures of my two new pairs of summery shoes for you all!

Fingers crossed ;)


Kitten xxx

Friday, 1 March 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Welcome to Friday, Foot Fans!

Wow this week has gone super fast! That's what happens when you're ill for the best part of it I suppose but it still feels like I haven't done anything for the whole week. I was however quite chuffed to have lost 4.5lbs this week - more than half way to my first slimming reward of a pedicure and a new nail varnish!

It's been a bit of a long day today and I decided to relax tonight with a HUGE bottle of squash (not the same as a glass of wine I know) and a new(ish) nail polish and repaint my toenails. Not that my previous paint-job was chipped, I was just bored of the sea green and fancied something a bit more lavish! I chose a red and silver glitter, which I have only used once before, for a bit of a Dorothy-style finish. 

I can't help it, I think I am part magpie! I just LOVE things which sparkle and shine and that definitely goes for my toes too!

I also rather fancied showing off the stunning new toe ring I was given as a gift: isn't it adorable? I've never had any foot or toe jewellery before so this is very exciting to me! It feels a little funny wearing it when I first put it on but I got used to it very fast and now I can't wait for summer to come so I can show off my tats and my toes and my new shiny! Hooray!

I also have a new pair of sandals to show you but as it's rather dark and gloomy outside and I wanted to take pictures of them in the long grass you will just have to wait patiently! 

And now I am going to retire early to my bed and get some (much needed) beauty sleep!

Night night!


Kitten xxx

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sexy Shoe Sunday!

Happy Sunday, all! 

I am currently rather poorly and so forgive me for a bit of a placeholder post: I promise I will make it all up to you later in the week when I have a photoshoot planned with a lovely friend of mine. 

I've sorted out my nail varnishes (and discovered that I lack a sparkly pink - why? How?) and have taken you some shots of the most recent additions to my shoe-wardrobe! 

I don't know when or why I developed a love for shoes, it just feels like I've always had it. I remember nagging my mum for a pair of black patent leather school shoes when I was in primary school. They were so shiny and I wanted them soooo much and she went mad at me for not wearing them because they hurt my feet, but I loved them anyway, and nothing much has changed! I've had three new pairs of exciting shoes added to my collection including the most wonderful and impractical purple shoes ever.

Aren't they glorious? I am so in love with them it's a little bit embarrassing. Surprisingly I can actually walk in them, although it's slightly terrifying, but I feel about a million feet tall and sexy as hell! 

So recently my sister got married and I was her maid of honour, which was lovely and I was very happy to be part of her big day - but also happy to get a new pair of shoes! She's as big a shoe fiend as me so she let me pick my own pair and I found these little gems.

I'm pretty new to the concept of navy blue as something I might wear but I am being won over by it at last. These are just ideal to wear with white bobby socks in summer - perhaps with a red swing skirt to rock the nautical, 50s chic look I adore so much. 

And then...the brogues. Oh, how I love brogues. To me there are very few things hotter than a girl in high heeled brogues, and a very dear friend of mine helped me feed my addiction by passing a pair which were too large for her on to me - hurrah! Joy! New shoes!  I'd never considered myself to be a brown shoes girl but god these are hot as hell, aren't they? 

Looooook at the heels! They're so slender! I just can't get enough of them and they look HOT HOT HOT with my favourite pair of stockings!

Again, sorry for the placeholder post darlings, but I am so very full of cold and flu that I am just not up to much. Gorgeous shots soon to come, I promise! 


Kitten xxx